A global high-tech company that specializes in energy technology.

China's largest housing transactions and services platform.

CSI was incorporated in July of 2009 and is the Module and System Solutions subsidiary of NASDAQ listed company Canadian Solar Inc. one of the world‘s largest solar power companies.

SF Freight relies on its own network and resource advantages to provide customers with express door‐to‐door LTL


B2B food material supply service provider.

Midea makes and specializes in appliances and air conditioners that are currently being manufactured in China.

Belle is China’s largest branded footwear retailer, which designs, manufactures and sells ~15 footwear brands and has 4‐5 brands consistently ranked Top 10 in China non‐sports women footwear market.

A provider of high-end innovative small home appliances.

A leading pharmaceutics company in cardio cerebral vascular, ophthalmic remedy and steroid hormone and taurine.

A premium maker and supplier of intimate healthcare and sensual wellness products.

a CSO pharmaceutical company based in U.S., with a focus on China market. 

One of China’s largest dairy companies.

A global leader in solar. Industry-leading products and customer service worldwide,with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability.

Dali Group is one of the top 5 Food and Beverage companies in China.

A worldwide leading company engaged in the research, commercial development, manufacture and distribution of liver cancer treatments.

 Electric vehicle charging pile manufacturer and operator

A biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of vaccines against human infectious diseases in China.

Maternity & Baby Designer Brand with full range of products.

Global leader in cell therapy.

China’s largest branded stationery supplier & retail chain.

China’s #1 dairy cow farm.

Yovole is a leading carrier‐neutral and cloud‐neutral datacenter operator and service provider focusing on Tier‐1 cities in China, with well‐recognized IDC development and O&M capabilities.

WH Group is the largest pork company in the world, with leading positions in China, the US and key markets in Europe.

A fast-growing biotechnology company engaged in research and development of new drugs.

GGG is the largest and fastest growing independent casual dining restaurant group in Vietnam.

GO Healthy is the #1 natural health brand in the specialty channels in New Zealand and is expanding to reach consumers in newer geographies like Australia and Asia.

Pioneer of the new generation of DNA sequencing technology.

Engaged in research and development of disease models and the creation of genetically engineered mouse models

Supply chain platform for MRO industrial supplies.

Focusing on research and development of biomedical implants for regenerative therapies.

Biotech startup committed to the development of global innovative drugs.

High-tech company focusing on “5G chip interconnecting all things”

Robotics: Developer of artificial intelligence vision AMR robot.

Developer and manufacturer of automotive high-end controller chips.

Research and development of next-generation oncolytic drugs.

Innovative biopharmaceutical company in clinical stage.

Pioneer of biopharmaceutical technology.

One of China’s leading domestic sports brands.

Telecommunication chip design company.

Manufacturer of Cloud native identity authentication product with developers as the center.

The first company focusing on sports medicine in China.

 Diagnostics service provider for pathogen genomic sequencing

A national high-tech enterprise focusing on orthopedic artificial intelligence and surgical robot

Developer of DPU chip

Provider of ERP tools for cross-border exporter

Leading small cell chip design company in China

Tech company committed to driving industry with digital technology

A high-tech design company focusing on the development of new power semiconductor devices

China’s leading provider of innovative cloud platform products and services

Provider of server CPU based on ARM architecture

Mobile World is the No.1 multi-category retail platform in Vietnam by revenue and net profit after tax.

China’s leading innovative restaurant chain

Comprehensive sports supply company

The second technology-driven internet company in the world to master the path recognition capability for hand-painted animation

Focusing on research and clinical development of single-cell high-throughput multi-omic platforms

Leading aseptic packaging company. 

A technology leader in China’s feed industry, culture service provider.

One of China’s leading fine chemical & fertilizer producers.

One of China’s largest cement producers.

One of China’s leading suppliers of customized steel castings.

World’s #2 food seasoning producer. 

A large pharmaceutical retailer in China.

Founded in 1954, NanFu Battery is a leading enterprise in China's battery industry. 

Greatview Aseptic Packaging is an international, publically listed company supplying goods and services to the aseptic liquid food industry with cost-effective carton packaging materials, filling machines and spare parts.

Veterinary pharmaceutical company

Medical service company

Provider of office tool design

China’s leading finance and tax technology company

Focusing on the research and development of vascular interventional surgical robot

Provider of base station radio unit

The only company among domestic CPU companies that adheres to the open information technology system based on the independent command system LoongArch ( Loongson architecture ), comprehensively mastering computer core technologies such as CPU command system, processor IP core, operating system, etc.

The only NAND Flash memory control chip design company with the most complete product line and the most comprehensive technology in China, being able to provide storage customers with a full-stack service from IP to modules , from consumer products to industry market products.

Focusing on independent design, research, development and sales of navigation chips, algorithms and products. the company has developed and mass-produced the world's first multi-system, multi-frequency and high-precision SOC chip supporting the new generation Beidou-3 signal system.

An analog chip company focusing on high-end sensor chips, leading in domestic industry of SAR capacitive sensor chips and mobile phone optical sensor chips in performance and market share, and occupying the first place in market share of heart rate sensor chips and TWS headset optical sensor chips.

Committed to the research and development of large-scale digital multimedia chips, and successfully developing the first embedded neural network processor ( NPU ) chip in China, which is applied to a wide range of field including security, IOT and mobile communication.

A power semiconductor manufacturer focusing on industrial-grade high-voltage MOSFET series products, with 2500V ultra-high-voltage products, and breaking Infineon 's monopoly, launching IGBT and SiC products to contribute to the second growth curve

One of the few domestic companies with both core technologies of laser grooving and laser hidden cutting, providing fully localized wafer cutting solutions, breaking the monopoly of DISCO, an overseas manufacturer.

Committed to the research, development and production of semiconductor packaging equipment, having a rare domestic wire bonding machine team, self-developed boards and core modules, and occupying a large share in the field of operation control and optics, which fills the gap in the domestic market.

Committed to the development of KrF / ArF high-end photoresist monomers and photoresist resins, acting as a scarce target for stable supply of photoresist monomers in China, products of which have been recognized by international manufacturers and have realized commercialization.

A leading manufacturer of semiconductor materials in China, dedicated to the research and development of functional wet electronic chemical materials in the core process of semiconductor manufacturing, achieving full coverage of functional products, shipments from leading manufacturers, and entering a period of high performance.


Innovative biopharmaceutical products such as monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and vaccines

China's first insect cell expression platform, vaccines and innovative tumor drugs

The best Tumor Immunotherapy Antibody Drug

Head of Innovative Ophthalmic Drugs

Novel Small Molecule Targeted Antitumor Drugs

Innovative Biomacromolecule Drugs

Head company of the second echelon of domestic biopharmaceutical CDMOs

The only company in China that has mastered 10000-liters grade mammalian cell culture technology

A chemical drug CDMO company specializing in chiral intermediates and APIs

Based on the patented technology of peptide information compression, build a global peptide drug research and development platform

A high-throughput long-fragment fund synthesis platform

Focus on biomaterial engineering medical devices, skin care products, master the core technology of humanoid recombinant collagen

A leading enterprise in domestic structural heart disease interventional medical devices for occluders and valve products

The absolute industry leader in the field of launch vehicles, the first private rocket company in China to enter orbit.

The only private enterprise covering the whole system in the field of China's commercial aerospace measurement, control, operation and maintenance.

High-end satellite system technology solution provider focusing on satellite manufacturing business.

Orbit-based Navigation Augmentation System Project for Centimeter-Level High Precision Navigation Augmentation Service

Providing high-end carbon fiber composite structural parts for aerospace, military industry, and rail transit.

Complex and large metal 3D printing in high-end fields such as aerospace.

The only domestic supplier of mirror milling equipment, providing high-end CNC machine tools and process solutions for aerospace enterprises.

The leading enterprise in domestic nuclear radiation monitoring equipment and special vibration monitoring equipment, filling the domestic market.

a leading enterprise in the field of military autonomous and controllable simulation platforms

The absolute leading domestic enterprise in the R&D and production of electronic countermeasure equipment and training equipment

A leading company focusing on the development and production of special drone flight control systems and complete machines

The only market-oriented enterprise that provides key electronic systems for major scientific and technological projects such as manned space project and Beidou satellite navigation system

the only domestic company capable of manufacturing general-purpose independent CAE

The leader of intelligent unmanned technology in the field of process industry

China's leading logistics system solution provider

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